Multinational Women Journalists (MNWJ) is an initiative of four multicultural and adventurous women from three continents, Asia, North America and Africa respectively who have achieved so much over the past few months. We are Masters Students at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Multimedia Journalism and we have obtained basic HTML and CSS skills that were useful in the creation of this website.

The aim of our website is to promote cultural diversity, feminism, women empowerment and gender equality. Our website also aims to inform the public on current news stories in a timely manner upholding the values and ethics of journalism.

This website addresses teacher shortages in the UK as well as the homeless crisis in Manchester. The site also contains a contributors’ page and a contact page.

homelessintro WHAT FUTURE IS THERE FOR THE HOMELESS? With a growing number of homeless and rough sleepers in Manchester, we are heading for a human crisis. This article examines the reasons for the increase in this problem, even though the UK is the fifth richest country in the world.


teacherintro2 WHO IS GOING TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN? With a growing number of teachers leaving the profession we are heading for a crisis in education. This article examines why teachers are not staying in the profession, even though the UK spends more than many other countries on education.